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T10 steel and 1095 steel
jiangu yu / 2017-03-05

                                                                      T10 steel and 1095 steel

There are customers often ask the difference between T10 steel and 1095 steel and performance, the following analysis of the next two kinds of steel
T10 is the Chinese national standard called, 1095 is the United States national standard called.
Essence is the same kind of high carbon steel, but there are differences in purity, 1095 equivalent to the national standard T10A (ie, a superior T10).
Fine said T10 is made of high-carbon steel, carbon content in one percent,
1095 is a high-carbon alloy steel containing 0.95 percent and 0.4 percent of manganese, and the type of tool steel with alloying components is a single component of high carbon steel,
The two performance comparable. Do not entangle the 10 series 1095 (1084, 1070, 1060, 1050, etc.)
In the tool industry, 1095 is the most widely used 10-series steel. Sorted from 1095 - 1050, in general, the carbon content from high to low, can reach the degree of grinding from high to low, but the toughness from low to high to the highest.
The same, according to the order from 1060 - 1050 usually adapted to the system. And the knife, 1095 is a very "standard" carbon steel material, good performance and inexpensive, with the appropriate toughness and degree of grinding. This is a relatively simple steel, easy to rust, containing only two alloy components: 0.95% carbon and 0.4% manganese.
So that T10 steel and 1095 steel is not much different in essence, so customers can not even tangled in two kinds of steel.

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