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LONGQUAN JIANGU Technology Co., Ltd. / 2016-12-16

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Email is the best way to cotnact us, We usually have quick response via Email

TEL: +86-578-7215755

FAX: +86-578-7114818




ADD: #247, JianChuan Road, LongQuan town, LiShui city, ZheJiang, China. 323700
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Email is the best way to cotnact us, We usually have quick response via Email

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  • Anonymous user ( 2018-08-16 03:57:19 )

    respected the moment, being best brand as we have surf, we need best quality .kitchen ware .dinnerware.glassware.ceramics ware.stoneware.cookware.cutlory samples of all range items and other available items like traditional full length stainless sharp blade swords.all range. available.and knives from you for marketing, launching and enhancing your business in our major territory…please send us best one and mark properly on each bag the type, quality,season and other necessary information. As we have to properly convey them to clients. Ensure you finest and best products to us with all descriptions and up to international and local standards.for best of your business,you can add your other products as well.we will do all best at best of your prices and terms

    We are local agent in sialkot, Pakistan, having vast network of business and having lots of clients all over in sialkot, and world wide and working from many years for best services for best brand like your, and our objective is to expand the business with all our efforts and skills and do as much as we can and contribute as much as we can for our clients. First we take samples from best brand and then deliver them to our esteemed clients in city and all over world and all possible areas for enhancing the business of our brands. More than two hundred best business, authenticated and best clients we have in our territory and around the globe including,asia,middle east,Europe,USA,Africa,Australia and other part of world . Our best customer and clients believe in strong relations and contacts and always having great terms and once your sample at large are up to mark and satisfaction of our esteemed clients at large. They will palace you orders with advance terms and best possible grounds for both of you and we will give you best and genuine orders that will be helpful in enhancing your business.capturing market and having great profits and earnings for you.moreover we also call meeting with clients,booking hotels for them,surveys,seminars,exhibitions media campaigns ,and all at our cost and only work with genuine and best brands.

    All we need to have samples for major reputed clients from you…we go door to door to our clients, show them all the samples we have and then we make arrangements for the best suitable availability of the orders and pass orders to you for expanding your business in our city and territory.

    We have huge network of team and number of employees and have doing all online product selling with the help of ongoing technology using all skills and efforts…and we have doing best for the clients all in our area and approached you as best brand of the world to have business with us…

    We have vast experience of doing that.. But all we are doing over doing work to our staff members at home and marketing and selling our clients products…

    Once you attach with us and have affiliation with us in doing good business on sound grounds. we offer you best of our services with all the available techniques and all available efforts and all available resources as well in this regards….so this will not only enhance your business but will be much beneficial for both of us in this regards….and we will always be intact and loyal with you, your business and your all the team and staff and business strategy to do the business to best way and to the best possible manner….

    We have great team of riders, marketing staff and all required resources to launch your products and enhance your business..

    With many thanks and regards

    As we attach with as being best brand of world. We below have address of our main store.. Where you can easily deliver goods, but as we do best services at our cost and do all for the best brands like you.So we want to deliver your products to our store bearing all costs at your end. Other all marketing, marketing, survey cost, other related costs, business ;meeting, staff salaries all related cost will be bear by us. Once you get bulk order from our client. And you have solid orders at your terms. Then we ask you little commission at next stage.moreover with bulky orders all your initial sampling cost will be recovered along with enhancement of business and profits at large as well

    Delivery at our head office store.cost freight duties

    Address: mian noman mushtaq,house number 12/ 83, muhallah babe beri pasrur road sialkot,punjab,pakistan
    Whts up.03338735198
    Email at earliest… and

  • Anonymous user ( 2016-12-22 10:38:27 )

    utilizing hand forged and folded functionality blade and finest koshirae(mounting). the blade forged and folded use T10 steel with differentially hardened hamon. blade was traditional polished use jizuya and hazuya to make the hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are extremely prominent. the toso(fittings:tsuba, fuchi&kashira, menuki) are all made from blackened iron. the tsuka wrapped navy blue tsuka ito. authentic quality rayskin(same) cover on the tsuka. the saya kuroro black glossy lacquered finish, top quality sageo including, kuiguchi, kurigata and koriji are of polished buffalo horn.

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