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JIANGU sword The company produced different styles Longquan sword, the traditional martial arts equipment, cold weapons, such as the Chinese sword and the Japanese samurai sword more than 100 kinds of factory-made system are the traditional hand-forged by the sword, from the experience Rich grinding mill carefully made, the products are exported around the world.

Sword market prices, uneven quality, shoddy, not uncommon. For low-cost goods posing as the spread of goods, the factory is evil and painful. But for easily tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of swords, the factory also disagree.
Our philosophy is, with the right price, for you to produce the appropriate sword.
Our unique business: tailored for different customers swords, according to your request, we customize your different steel, length, thickness, width and other blades. For you to create a truly unique sword.
Our aim: only made boutique, worthy of the title of Longquan sword.
Sword Valley sword, bearing the Millennium sword skills!
Sword lovers are welcome to visit the factory to experience the process of making the sword, the so-called seeing is believing, ears for the virtual.

JIANGU SWORD is professional quality Japanese sword and Chinese sword manufacturer. Wholesale is our main business, price, service and custom order is our company features.
Be a partner with JIANGU now!
Wholesale policy and Support:

1,JIANGU  SWORD can give you great support to start your business if you are new people want to market swords. such as sword pictures taking for advertising ,sample supply, favourable price etc.
2, If you are sword distributor or retailer, and want to develop your own brand and business, then just send your designs to us. We can custom made kashirae(tsuba, fuchi&kashira etc.) for you. And create particular packing for you, such as print your logo on sword box, bags, etc.
3, Group-buying is welcome. We work with various material arts school, accept custom made different size sword for different people.
4, Comparing retail price from our website (, wholesale price will be heavy discount from 10%-50% depends on your order quantity.
5, Please send email to us( or
for price list and digit catalogue. in order to better service for you, please do not forget send me your company detail informations when you ask for price list.


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